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With Night Vision
you can Draw Your Life

SOWL is a meeting between the Sun Rune and the Night Bird.

Night Vision / Draw Your Life is a fusion of music and text, a dance between body and mind, a wave of inspiration and expression.


About 13 years ago Didier presented Niki with twelve lyrical texts and poems which he wrote in Japan, Italy, France and Malta. He envisioned it could become a music album, and gave it the title Night Vision.

This was an unprecedented challenge for Niki. The texts contained a magic that both eluded and scared him. Many years and song versions later he succeeded in allowing the stream of awareness within the texts to lead him to the music.

Eventually he divided the music album into two;

Night Vision & Draw Your Life.

Some pics; click to enlarge

No part of these songs was captured in a recording studio. The recording and engineering took place in various living spaces in Malta and Slovakia. The drums and percussions, played by Mark Vella, were recorded in an abandoned theatre in the south of Malta in about 4 days. In the same theatre we recorded the trumpets on a couple of songs, played by Adrian “Ir-Russu” Brincat.

The music flows according to the texts, and this required an eclectic mix of genres and fluid tempos... For this double album Niki felt more comfortable with a lower and deeper basic tuning. All instruments were tuned to A=432Hz, instead of the modern standard of 440Hz. This goes hand in hand with the relaxing and empowering energy of the words. The introduction to Red Skull & Mr.Hide (song 6, Draw Your Life), carried by Nina Gravino's voice, sums up the spirit of the albums:

"This is the true story of a mistaken identity,

This is the story of a transformation,

This is the story of a confession,

A fight for freedom..."

Raminta Rimidyte and Mark Vella wrapped up the words and music in a beautiful design, with some help from Stella the owl, who graces the Night Vision cover.

You can hear some snippets here, and buy your copy of the double album here.

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